American Pride

I’ve met some characters over the course of 33 years in the furniture industry, but none compare to the legendary Jim Greg_Jim“Mattress Mack” McIngvale of Gallery Furniture in Houston, TX. In 2014 he offered consumers who purchased during a particular promotion a full refund if the Seahawks won the Super bowl. They won, and he cut $8 million in checks to some very happy customers. “and that’s what it’s all about making customers for life”

It is awe inspiring to see that Mack has a deep, and sincere appreciation for the “right things” and he is quick to tell you that God, Country and Made in America are dear to him. If he says it – he means it. That is the type of person he is.

After a visit to Houston and Gallery a week ago, we were visited by three of his team to iron out product details, in addition to working on material for Gallery’s active social network program. You need to check out their website!

Speaking of his team, they share a number of things with Mack and perhaps the most impressive is unlimited energy. They are constantly on the move and never forget a detail. From log yard, to cutting table they where hands on interactive participants.

We’re proud and excited to be a new vendor for Gallery and look forward to a great relationship with Mack and his team.

To get a better idea of what makes this man so special check out the following:

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Fabulous Fall


The High Point market is held twice a year and is attended by an estimated 80,000 people from all corners of the home furnishings industry.

We’re entering the last couple of days and by all indications it has been an excellent market for Harden. In particular, our international traffic an order activity has been outstanding. South Korea, Kuwait, Russia, China and Indonesia are all areas where we are either expanding our business with new accounts or growing with existing accounts.

Our new introductions are proving quite popular and we continue to sell lots of live edge tables and related case goods. Upholstery is also placing very well.

Check the Harden website for images of new products.

More later.

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High Point October 2014 Market Wrap-up

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The High Point market is held twice a year and is attended by an estimated 80,000 people from all corners of the home furnishings industry. It’s definitely the hub of all fashion-driven and trendsetting for the home market.

We’ve wrapped up this market and by all indications it has been an excellent performer for Harden. In particular, our international traffic an order activity has been outstanding. South Korea, Kuwait, Russia, China and Indonesia are all areas where we are either expanding our business with new accounts or growing with existing accounts.

Our new introductions garnered a lot of attention as we continue to sell lots of live edge tables, related case goods and new upholstery designs.

We showed a sweet love seat (9515-076) in new silver and gold tone fabrics with nail-head trim base which received a lot of favorable reviews. The most popular upholstery appearance was the transitionally-inspired silver-toned 8523-086 high-armed sofa…again, that jewel-tone theme was a definite showstopper.

By offering Live-Edge top options on the popular Cabinetmaker’s Cherry 1649 and 1655 tables we offer customers an extensive custom line for that group, while adding the 1617 cocktail table with iron base for those desiring a more contemporary look with live-edge tops.

The addition of bedroom to the classic Mount Vernon Collection also excited our showroom attendees. Beautiful solid cherry poster beds with design cutouts and fabric inserts showcased the formal style of this great-selling group. Designer Bob Mulder custom-designed “fan” hardware for the bedroom case pieces. This beautiful element was inspired by the natural oyster shells washed up on Mount Vernon’s Potomac shoreline.
For a complete lineup of our new Market offerings, check out our website…

Visit Us to See Them All
Now, we’ve got to start working on our April 2015 designs…

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Rustic Retro

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High praise has already been coming in for the extensive renovations and redesign of the Lake House at High Peaks Resort. Located in the heart of Lake Placid NY, the lodge is being characterized as a contemporary study in the use of natural wood and hand-hewn furniture…a bold outdoorsy Adirondack reflection. And Harden is very proud to be a part of this wonderful transformation.

This was a unique challenge for us here at Harden. We had to develop product that would be stylish and comfortable, but stand up to the rigors of high-use public spaces. I think we hands-down accomplished that goal and look forward to partnering in other similar projects in the future.

To quote the Montreal Gazette, “The Lake House is young in style and lighthearted in design. It’s all a little retro and deliberately dressed down, but thoroughly enjoyable.”

Click here to read the full article.

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A Glimpse of Fall 2014

It’s High Point market time again and that gives me the perfect reason (in addition to prodding from our social media staff) to return to blogging.170_logo

Our introductions this season are certainly an eclectic mix and that should prove to a successful strategy this season as it has for recent markets.

Upholstery probably gets the most attention for this edition of High Point, with over 100 new fabrics and a number of new frames.

While I’m posting only a few quick photos they provide a quick glimpse of what you’ll see at 200 Steele when we open the doors on 10/15!



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Trees and Skis

Beatrix Whistler  cup 2014- sg

I seem to have a varied audience out there…some furniture people…and, because of my activity in the ski world, some ski racing types as well. That may take the meaning of “diversity” to another level, but all are welcome to follow…for whatever reasons!

They’re not exactly “not connected” – working so closely with nature’s beautiful woods gave me an appreciation for the great outdoors…whether we’re harvesting trees…or skiing down a mountainside, trying to avoid them.

In past blogs, I have spoken of my respect and admiration for the skills of talented forestry professionals and a job well-done – so I would like to take this opportunity to address the other end of my “great outdoors” involvement…skiing.

I’m involved with a lot of great folks in NYSEF (New York Ski Educational Foundation) and spend a lot of time on the hill with them — here are some incredible events that have transpired over the ski season…

On the ski racing front, congratulations to all our NYSEF athletes this season. We had 9 athletes represent us at the Sochi Olympics and there were some great performances. While we did not repeat the 3 medals won at Vancouver in 2010, we did secure a silver medal in the Men’s Super G via a great performance by Andrew Weibrecht.

While we take a lot of pride in our “Olympic level” talent, it is the almost 450 athletes of all ages, skill level, and discipline that are the foundation of the program. From 6 year old ski racers, to somewhat older jumpers and nordic competitors, to Mac Florence who moves into the U80 category next year, they all put their hearts and souls into one aspect of snow sports or another.

There were two very special accomplishments this year that deserve recognition – NYSEF U16 girls captured the US and Canadian championships at their respective events. Cecily Decker captured two individual events at the USSA U16 National Championships and we crowned the overall champion, while Trixie Lever followed her the next week winning the Nancy Greene award at the Whistler Cup as the outstanding Canadian U16 skier.

Congratulations for all your tremendous efforts this season, and we’re looking forward to seeing what the 2015 season will bring!

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High Point 2014

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It’s High Point Market time again!

Preparation and product development dominated the March calendar so it was a welcome relief to head south on April 3rd. Every market yields new experiences and this April we had a chance to see green grass – something that readers in Northern parts of the country will understand.

The showroom looks better than it ever has and since the spring emphasis is on upholstery there are almost 20 new frames and even the most remote corner of the showroom is bursting with fresh, vibrant color.

Karen Leblanc of The Design Network was in with the TDN crew and did some filming this morning for the next episode of “The Hot List”. Beth Penley stepped in front of the camera and provided an overview of fabric and color trends. Be sure to visit TDN’s website and check out “The Hot List” and Karen’s “The Design Tourist” series.

Five more days of Market!!

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